Shark in the Water

“Surf Music With Teeth” Oakland, CA

Every Week is Shark Week

Now available!

We are totally stoked to finally announce the release of our debut full length, ‘Every Week is Shark Week’! Driven by Jim’s mega heavy baritone guitar riffs and the constant pounding of Jerry and Dale, this album heavily blurs the lines between surf and hard rock. We truly believe that this brand of surf is something that you’ve never heard before.

It is available now for purchase at CDBaby, Google Play, and shortly on iTunes. We have also made it available for you to stream endlessly, here on our website, Spotify and SoundCloud.

Surf music, with teeth.

Something is lurking just off the coast, stalking you from the depths, spiraling closer. Bolting from the blue in a flash of riffs and aloha shirts, Shark in the Water is here with raw, pounding surf music played fast and low. Not just any surf music, surf music with teeth.

Prepare for a visceral auditory trip straight through the heart of the red triangle. Dragging you from your board, pulling you towards the murky depths of oceania, Shark in the Water hammers down with cranked up baritone guitars and a hard hitting rhythm section to churn out unmistakable surf grooves.

Eaten Alive Music Video

Here’s a two-for-one feature for all you shark lovers out there. One, it’s Shark in the Water’s first ever music video. And two, it features our song Eaten Alive, the lead track from our debut full length, Every Week is Shark Week.

Thanks to Mike L. Taylor for the awesome mashup video edit.


Shark in the Water delivers a blistering tidal wave of non-stop, raw, gritty surf music. Formed in 2013 and hailing from Northern California, Shark in the Water is Jim Utterback (guitar), Jerry Langhorst (bass) and Dale Conboy (drums).

Driven by Utterback’s unique assault on the baritone guitar and the straightforward, hard-hitting rhythm section of Langhorst and Conboy, the trio introduces you to what they call, “surf music with teeth.” Their distinctive, high energy songs all bear an unmistakable surf groove that will take you for a ride on a pulse-pounding trip to oceanic depths. So hold onto your boards.

Shark in the Water’s members are no strangers to each other. Conboy and Utterback have been playing music together since meeting at Humboldt State University in 1998. Langhorst and Utterback have been playing together in California Bay Area bands since the early 2000’s.

“People dig Shark in the Water, because just like the three guys in the band, the music is unpolished, raw and fun. If you like sharks, like to party and have ears, this is the band for you,” quips Utterback.


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